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Opening of New Reading Garden
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Tuesday, October 03, 2017
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Tahje Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

Wednesday, September 26, 2017 was a beautiful sunny day for the Loudenslager Elementary School staff and students who opened their new Reading Garden which was once an empty and underutilized space to what is now a vibrant and welcoming area for students to read, play, and learn. 

This is a new, beautiful, and exciting area for students to enjoy fresh air, quality reading, in a fun and safe environment within the school that for years, was just a vacant space in the building.  The Reading Garden offers a different area for student growth rather than just the regular classroom setting.

There were many people involved with this redevelopment project.  “One of the most exciting things about this project has been the collaboration that has taken place between several of our school clubs and groups including the Loudenslager PTO organized and led by Marietta Relation, The Loudenslager Student Council led by Krista Lange and Bonnie McHale, and the REAL Center in Cherry Hill led by Director Susan Goldman and Summer Coordinator Erica Haase.” Mr. Matt Browne, Principal of Loudenslager School stated in his opening remarks at the dedication ceremony.  Another vital component to the success of this project were the students.  The children were involved with receiving donations of flowers from local nurseries, cleaning up the flower beds, along with painting and decorating their new fun learning area. 

“The reading garden will be utilized for individual class lessons, special projects, and as a location for students who want a quieter alternative to spend their lunch time.” Mr. Browne continued. 

The students and staff involved can and should feel proud in knowing they were a part of such an amazing project that will benefit the children of Loudenslager School for many years to come.  


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